Q. The game doesn’t work.

A. It is possible that something is wrong with the game console or something is wrong with the software.

If possible, once you start your software on another game console (such as a game console you know or a game console at a store), you can choose which one to use. You can determine if there is a cause.

If you think “Is it a malfunction?”, First check the following points.

  • “It is a non-standard disc” is displayed at startup.
  • After starting, the title screen does not appear.
  • Sound and screen are interrupted during play.
  • When the screen changes, it stops without advancing to the next screen.

When started on other game consoles

There may be something wrong with the game console itself.
Please contact the customer inquiry desk described in the instruction manual of the game machine.

If it does not start on another game console

There may be some cause in the software. Check that there are no scratches or stains on the back of the disc.
If the disc is dirty, use a soft cloth such as a cloth for eyeglasses to gently wipe the dirt from the center of the disc toward the outer circumference. (Do not wipe with tissue. There is a risk of scratches.)
If the disc does not work properly due to scratches, the disc cannot be repaired.

* Since the amount of data and programs of each game software are different, the timing to read the data and the startup method are different. Even if other game software is running but only a specific game is not running, it may be due to a problem with the loading function of the main unit.

Q. Do you accept proposals for products and marketing plans and ideas?

A. We and our group (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) do not solicit ideas from the general public.

Normally, if you send us a product plan or idea (hereinafter referred to as “proposal”) without concluding a written contract with us, we will evaluate, consider, and consider your proposal. We do not have any obligation to hire or keep it secret, and we will use it free of charge.
Therefore, if you make a suggestion, we will treat it as if you agreed to it and sent it to us.
Also, please note that we will not respond individually.