Technology that Extends Reality

“XR” is the comprehensive term for AR, VR, MR, and other “extended reality” technology that fuses the real world with the virtual. In the future, this technology is expected to be applied in various fields. Since succeeding in 2016 with our own IP using our proprietarily developed real-time rendering engine “ALiS ZERO®”, YUKE’S has undertaken requests to produce CG video for numerous popular IP-holders. YUKE’S can accommodate a wide range of XR content requests, from developing XR apps, to creating CG/AR video content or producing real-time live CG content.

  • リアルタイムライブ制作

    Creating Entertainment in Real Time

    Our characters appear on stage and interact with the audience. Our internally developed real-time rendering engine ALiS ZERO® creates one-stop live performances which unifies the characters and the audience at the venue. In addition to live venue shows, we also produce livestreams, created online and delivered from venue as a total package.

  • バーチャルライブ制作

    Development of XR Apps

    YUKE’S also develops XR apps for smartphones or other devices. Want to feel like your favorite characters are there in the room with you? Or create fun extended reality experiences with various objects around town? XR apps make this new form of entertainment possible.

  • CG映像制作

    CG Video Production

    We produce high-quality CG video content that can be expanded into VR, AR, and MR at a low cost and with quick turnaround.

  • モーションキャプチャー撮影

    Motion Capturing

    With motion capture, it generally takes 1-2 months from shoot to CG video delivery. However, shooting with ALiS ZERO® and our partner studios can greatly reduce this time—even allowing same-day delivery. We can arrange everything, including studio assignment based on the needs and scale of the project, significantly reducing delivery time and cost for CG animation.

  • ALiS ZERO®とは

    What is ALiS ZERO®?

    ALiS ZERO® is a real-time rendering engine developed by YUKE’S which allows motion data captured as CG to be output in real time and with high precision. Its various features—which include real-time rendering, simultaneous display of multiple characters, and composition that can merge video content with actual images—are redefining the very concept of motion capture CG video production.

  • ALiS ZERO® 4つのメリット

    4 Advantages to Using ALiS ZERO®

    -Content is Produced in Real Time ALiS ZERO® makes recording in real time possible during the motion capture process. This allows us to record while adjusting for any body or cross clipping, and make adjustments to fit the conception of the character. -Quick Turnaround ALiS ZERO® allows for high-precision motion capturing without the time previously required for post-processing, resulting in a significantly reduced turnaround time. -Reduced Costs Our fee system is per-day, regardless of hours spent recording, meaning costs can be significantly lower than conventional motion capture. -CG & Live Action Motion data is merged with AR / VR / MR in real time.