Creating New Value through Entertainment

For 30 years, YUKE’S has kept up with and continued to utilize the latest techniques in developing not only for Japan, but also for the US and European markets. Our games are born out of a sharply refined creativity combined with the latest technology, and provide entertainment that creates a future full of amazement and smiles.

  • クリエイター集団

    For Creators, By Creators

    Our goal is to create a studio for creators, by creators for our games. Since YUKES’ inception, our focus has centered on 3D entertainment—with particular emphasis on research toward realistically recreating human figures, bone structures, actions, and emotions through rendering engines, physics engines, and modeling/animation.

  • 長年の開発実績

    Decades of Expertise

    Over the last 30 years, YUKE’S has developed over 70 titles on various platforms including home gaming consoles, PC, and smartphones. We are currently focused on developing for the latest consoles, including PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

  • 海外展開および海外とのつながり

    International Reach

    Our strength lies in producing games for international markets. YUKES’ globally reaching connections allow us to collaborate with vendors to accommodate the precise needs of the title we are working on.

  • 企画立案力

    Design & Conception

    Our past games have spanned a wide range of themes, with some designed based on existing IP, and others using originally conceived IP. In addition to conceiving new projects, we also understand the importance of remaining faithful to the worldview of an existing project, and propose technologies and ideas to make them "more interesting," "more fun," and "more moving."

  • プロジェクトマネージメント

    Project Management

    YUKE’S assembles teams and manages assets and schedules on a project-by-project basis, determined by evaluating the scale and requirements of each project, and selecting a team and management based on its individual demands.

  • 技術へのこだわり

    Commitment to Technology

    In addition to our proprietary engine library—itself a culmination of the technology and knowledge gained through years of development experience—we also incorporate engines like Unreal and Unity, and ensure we are always up to date on the latest technology and trends.