Top-Tier Entertainment Made with Creators Around the World

In addition to our development work, YUKE’S aims to team with creators and studios around the world to provide top-tier entertainment with our publishing projects. We aim to form alliances with various partners and creative designers to produce businesses and innovate content which is unrestricted by preexisting ideas, and exceed worldwide expectations.

  • 自社開発ライン

    Creative Endeavors

    Our technical expertise cultivated over the last 30 years has become the backbone of various projects, and is the cornerstone of our top-line quality and stability. We will continue to cultivate the YUKE’S brand by constantly absorbing the latest technologies.

  • 戦略立案

    Publishing Strategy

    Our publishing strategy involves understanding business opportunities and creativity around the world, and actualizing them with precision.

  • マーケティング


    Some projects are marketed globally, while others are targeted at specific areas; regardless of the intended scope, we always aim to promote fresh, unrestricted ideas.

  • ゲーム開発投資


    We aim to invest in valuable creative ideas and intellectual property in an effort to continue to challenge ourselves and grow with new, groundbreaking content.