A Word from the CEO

The dawn of the gaming industry saw a wide range of companies and individuals emerging into the field—with YUKE’S being established in 1993. At the time, I was still a college student with just a few friends, and video games were far smaller in scale, being produced in just a few months.

Some 30 years have passed since then, and in that time production scale has steadily grown, with titles now taking several years to be released. Hardware has steadily evolved, as have the technical capabilities required for game production. Many contenders have come and gone, and now competition continues to intensify.

We at YUKE’S have faced our share of difficulties and crises as we’ve weathered the ever-changing industry, but have since forged a number of robust partnerships and grown into an organization with numerous titles under our belt. We believe this is thanks to our ability to embrace challenges as opportunities to evolve.

While the industry has changed, one thing that hasn’t is the notion I’ve held firmly since I began the company: “to do what no one else can do.” YUKE’S will continue to innovate new techniques and ideas, and will not hesitate to change ourselves if it means reaching the next stage as we continue to produce entertainment that makes the world smile.

President and CEO
Yukinori Taniguchi