YUKE'S Co., Ltd.

Company History

Feb. 1993 YUKE’S Co., Ltd. established at Sakai, Osaka with capital of 3 million yen for the purpose of designing, developing, creating, and distributing computer software
June 1996 With capital of 10 million yen, YUKE’S is restructured as a “stock company (kabushiki gaisha)”; the Yokohama Studio is established in Yokohama.
Feb. 1998 Change in stock value results in an Osaka-based company being merged with YUKE’S Co., Ltd. (All operations taken over by YUKE’S)
Nov. 1999 Fine Co., Ltd. established with capital 10 million yen to handle YUKES’ network-related operations
Jan. 2000 Partnership with THQ Inc established for the purposes of game software development and distribution. Capital invested into YUKE’S from THQ Inc; contribution ratio: 15%. Terminated in Feb. 2013
Dec. 2001 YUKE’S becomes a publicly traded company through Japan’s Tokyo Stock Securities (then-Osaka Stock Securities) – JASDAQ Standard
Nov. 2005 YUKE’S acquires 51.5% of New Japan Pro Wrestling, officially making it a subsidiary (all stocks transffered to a third party in Jan, 2012)
Nov. 2005 YUKE’S Company of America established as an overseas subsidiary in California, USA
Relocates to Illinois in Dec, 2006 (Liquidated in July, 2010)
March 2008 Acquires GAO Co., Ltd. (which was dormant), relocates its headquarters from Osaka to Tokyo (Shinbashi), and resumes full operations as a new brand under the name “Tryfirst Co., Ltd” (Liquidated in Jan, 2010)
Sept. 2009 YUKE’S LA Inc. is established as an overseas subsidiary in California, USA