Pachinko & Pachislot

Trust Earned Through Decades of Experience

Over the last 20 years, we have utilized our decades of technical expertise cultivated from developing game entertainment to develop numerous top-quality pachinko and pachislot entertainment machines with various manufacturers. This means we possess the expertise to handle the entire production process.

  • Entertainment Machine Specialists

    YUKE’S has produced numerous game machine titles (pachinko, pachislot, and apps) since 2003, and can handle the entire production process, from conception & design, to video creation, programming, and debugging. As a member of the ever-evolving pachinko and pachislot machine industry, our entertainment-creating specialists strive to attain the highest level of quality.

  • プランニング:演出・映像提案/仕様書作成

    Conception: Visual Design Proposal & Creation

    YUKE’S is poised to propose various designs to accommodate any requests. Examining the targets and concepts of the product at hand, we can propose visuals that take into account the unique specifications of pachinko/pachislot game machines, and create flows and design specifications.

  • プリプロダクション:字コンテ/絵コンテ/Vコンテ/2Dデザイン/3Dデザイン

    Pre-production: From Concept to 2D/3D Design

    YUKE’S can take on all areas of pre-production design, going from design specs and visual conceptions to creating blueprints, 2D animation, 3D models/animation, scene development, and UI/textual design.

  • 映像制作、オーサリング:実機データ制作/エフェクト制作

    Video Creation & Authoring: Machine-ready Data/Effects

    We can author machine-ready video data, image processing, and other effects. We can also work with specialized partners to undertake bulk-volume and urgent projects.

  • CG映像制作

    CGI Video Production

    We can create “reach” videos and promotional videos matching the product and game specifications as high-quality CGI.

  • 制御:液晶制御/サウンド制御/ランプ制作/デバッグ

    Control: LCD / Sound / Lamps / Debug

    We can create embedded programs suiting our clients’ development environment. Utilizing our video production expertise, we are capable of devising highly stable data structures that are also optimized for ROM capacity to maximize debug efficiency.