YUKE'S Co., Ltd.

Message from CEO

Making the World’s Digital Entertainment More Fun, and More Enjoyable

President and CEO Yukinori Taniguchi

The Next Stage of Digital Entertainment

YUKE’S began in a single apartment room when I was still a college student. It has since grown into a company upheld by numerous individuals engaged in designing and developing not only video games, but a wide range of entertainment, including apps for pachinko/pachislot machines, web comics, live events, and TV shows.

The YUKE’S logo, at first glance appearing to use straight lines in certain areas, is actually hand drawn and composed entirely of curves. This represents our philosophy of approaching content creation without being locked within the confines of any preexisting trends or preconceptions.

This is why I consider employees to be the true value of the company, with my goal being to listen to the opinions of each and every one of our content creators, and evaluating each others’ ideas as we work together to reach the next stage of digital entertainment.

As technology evolves, the world of digital entertainment expands along with it.

Future Media Creators

With our sights set on the next evolution of entertainment, our creative team is committed to welcoming change as we use cutting-edge technology to surpass the expectations of our users and accommodate the needs of an ever-changing market.

Mission Statement

To provide entertainment, dreams, and profound inspiration to people around the world through the creative expression of innovative ideas.

Our Strength

YUKE’S is a well-established software developer, having been instrumental in elevating wrestling games into a major video game genre in Japan and abroad. We specialize in 3D fighting games, where even musculature, clothing, and hair are realistically recreated, and also leverage this expertise to produce and operate live entertainment that utilizes the latest AR technology.

We are highly experienced in designing and developing a broad range of digital entertainment, including creating the graphical presentations used for pachinko/pachislot LCD screens.

Competitive Edge

YUKE’S pioneered the Japanese game market by proactively partnering with leading overseas publishers. We have decades of experience designing and developing games geared for the US and European markets, devoting careful attention to multi-language localization.

In Japan, we work with partners such as Sammy Corporation, the country’s leading pachinko machine manufacturer, and Avex Entertainment Inc., a major player in the music field, to create content that is always one step ahead of the market.

Our advantage lies in our capacity to apply our developmental, informational, and financial resources to accommodate a wide range of client requests, without being bound to any single genre.