YUKE'S Co., Ltd.

Message from CEO

YUKE’S makes the world’s computer entertainment a lot more enjoyable and exciting.

President and CEO Yukinori Taniguchi

A Changing Market

In recent years, game software has blossomed into an accepted part of the entertainment industry. As the market has shifted its focus on ever more demanding technology, programming, and art, larger scale projects have become the norm. Many smaller firms have had difficulties responding to the changes, but YUKE’S has met the challenge and evolved to take advantage of this environment. Through development capability, information resources, and capital, YUKE’S is known for meeting all their clients’ needs in a comprehensive and timely manner.

Our Strength

YUKE’S is a well-established developer, having helped turn professional wrestling games into a major category in Japan and abroad. YUKE’S specializes in combat sports games, where even musculature, clothing, and hair are realistically expressed. Through YUKE’S expertise, many popular series are offered profitably to the worldwide market.

Competitive Edge

YUKE’S has developed overseas operations by successfully promoting partnerships with leading international publishers. The best known example of this is YUKE’S partnership with 2K Sports, Inc., in developing the ” WWE Series” of licensed World Wrestling Entertainment games. The WWE is the largest professional wrestling organization in the United States. YUKE’S is experienced with all levels of international development, including production, legal concerns, and localization. Through this, YUKE’S has enjoyed tremendous success not only in Japan, but in the North American and European markets as well.

The Future

YUKE’S aims to provide entertainment to people around the world. Building from the successful foundation of our overwhelmingly popular professional wrestling games in both domestic and international markets, YUKE’S hopes to become a “million seller” of products in a number of genres. YUKE’S goal is to bring excitement to gamers everywhere.